Ms. Perkins






Week of 5/20/13==

Picture Monologues:
This will be the last lesson that we have in class this year. You will be put into groups and graded on your scene work. Please remember that participation is ALWAYS a part of class and can affect your grade.

Your group will be given a picture of a house in which you will work together to answer guiding questions about your house. This will all be done in class. Please make sure you bring your Drama Journal to class each time.

Week of 5/6/13

We will finish our scenes for our objects and move toward our monologues (written) to share during class. If you have started your monologue in class, please finish it for HW for Friday.

Your monologues will consist of guiding questions that I will give you in class to assist.

Week of 4/29/13

We will continue working on our Action to Monologue Drama Activity. Please remember to bring your drama journals to class. If you have already selected you location we will begin to select our objects with emotions.


Please make sure to turn in your name Monologues if you did not do so in class. It is due Monday, 4/22/13. NO EXCEPTIONS. Place your finished work in the correct file near my desk that has your class period on it.

Week of 4/15/13

Our quiz is Tuesday April 16th. Please remember to study all of the notes we review last Thursday. If time permits, we will watch out slideshow after everyone has completed their quiz.

Our next Unit will be learning Monologues. Please look up what a monologue is before you come to class so that you will already have an idea. We will take notes then get into some scene work.

Week of 4/8/13



We will be attending the Kennedy Center on Thursday April 11th to see "Jason the Invisible". Please return permission slips (they will be given to students today) as soon as possible.

We will continue to rehearse our HSS for Cinderkid. I will determine if we will have a written quiz or if we will be graded based on our performances only. Please be ready to rehearse when we return!

Week of 3/25/13

Good Job on your Cinderella HSS!!! We will cast for Cinderkid and begin rehearsal for the Human Slide Show. Please be ready to rehearse! Once we have completed this we will be near the end of the Unit. Please make sure you review your notes that you have on Tableau and Human Slide Show Excellence. These notes should be in your drama journal, however if you do not have them, please scroll down and print out.

We will perform our HSS for Cinderkid when we return from spring break then we will review for our quiz.

Week of 3/18/13

We will perform our HSS after our rehearsal. Please be ready to rehearse with your costumes that are picked. We will then review Cinderkid and choose the cast for next week.

Week of 3/11/12 Monday, Wed, & Friday

Fifth graders! We have a Field Trip on Wednesday to the Health and Medicine Museum so we will try to complete our Cinderella Slide Show on Friday! We will then review for Cinderkid slides and cast the show.

Please make sure you are also reviewing your Tableau and HSS notes which are posted on the wiki below (make sure you scroll all the way down for the tableau excellence notes) These notes should be copied or pasted in your Drama Journals.

Week of 3/4/13 Tuesday and Thursday

If you did not print out or copy your notes please do so! I will be checking your Drama Journals!

We will finish our HSS of Cinderella and Cinderkid

Week of 2/25/13 Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Please print or copy notes for your drama journal and our next class if you have not already done so.

We will continue to work on our Human Slide Show. Please review the story of Cinderella so that you can discuss what happens in the fairy tale in class.

We will work on cues for our Slide Show.

Week of 2/1/8/13 Tuesday and Thursday

We will continue to work on our Tableaux for Murfaro's Beautiful Daughters, then we will take notes for our Human Slide Show Criteria.

Week of 2/11/13 Monday, Wednesday and Friday

We will read Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters to create Tableaux from the play. We will make inferences to also create tableaux

We will learn what a Human Slide Show is and what it involves to create one.

Our Human Slide Show will consist of the fairytale Cinderella.

Please make sure you have all of your tableau notes in your drama journal.

Week of 2/4/13 Tuesday and Thursday

We will continue to work on our Tableau scenes. In Class we will complete large group and small group tableaux.

Sculptor and Clay with emotions

Alphabet tableaux with three people

Show Me exercises


Choose three (3) moments in your Marco Polo Geography Text that would make great tableau scenes. Write out what the scenes are, the chapter and page they are on and make sure they are in sequenced order (they are in the correct order according to the story in the text)

When choosing a scene from a text as a source of your tableau here is what to look for:
  • Action- scenes in which characters do something, interact with one another, move react
  • scenes or sequences in which characters react emotionally to an event
  • scenes that would make good book illustrations
  • scenes that occur in a character's imagination
  • dream or nightmare scenes
  • moments that are unusual, funny or require exaggerated expressions or interesting body positions

5B and 5C Please turn it in to Ms. Woljhol on Thursday. She will be covering my Drama class as I will be late that day. All other classes, we will work on in class, then you will turn it in.

Next Steps:

Week of 1/28/13 Monday, Wed, and Friday

We will begin working on our TABLEAU and Human Slide Show Unit

What is a Tableau?

A Tableau is a silent frozen picture representing a specific time in a story or play.

We will go over Excellence in Lines of Dialogue.

"Show Me" exercises with emotions, characters and scenes