Welcome to 5th Grade Math!

Hello! I'm Mrs. Minera - 5th grade math teacher at WLPCS. If you are one of my future mathematicians or the parent of a young mathematician, I'd like to welcome you to Washington Latin! I am looking forward to meeting you, working with you and learning with you in the coming school year. Below is some information that will familiarize you with what will be happening in math this year.

Mrs. Minera's Contact Info: nminera@latinpcs.org

Math Curriculum- We will be working out of the Prentice Hall Mathematics Course 1 Common Core Textbook this year. To take a look at the Table of Contents- click on the photo below.

Course 1 Text.jpeg

Follow this link in order to access online resources that accompany our textbook:
Textbook Online Resources

Math Resources: Each website provides a "video tutor" that will go over the concepts covered in class . To use these resources, simply go to the following sites and search for the concept you are having trouble with. Here are the general links to these pages:

  • Prentice Hall Video Tutor- This website accompanies our textbook. Each lesson will come with a code that you can input to access a video tutor for that particular lesson. This is helpful for looking ahead at upcoming concepts and for reviewing skills as you are working on homework and preparing for tests.
  • Khan Academy
  • LearnZillion - This website contains videos linked to the Common Core standards we will be covering in class.

Class Notes
Students will receive guided notes in class. If they are absent, a hard copy will be provided for them when they return. If students misplace their notes they can find a BLANK copy of the guided notes here and fill them in by using the examples in their book or by borrowing a classmate's version of the notes. The homework attached to each lesson is still expected to be completed by the student- they are not to copy that portion from their classmates. If absent, it is ENCOURAGED for students to complete the notes and homework for the day missed before returning to school, if circumstances permit, in order to avoid falling behind.

While students are expected to write their homework in their planners each day, nightly homework assignments will be listed on the website on most nights. However, please refer to the daily planner for the most accurate homework, as assignments do sometimes change at the last minute in order to accommodate for the pacing in class that day.

Week of September 2, 2013


No school, Labor Day
Complete First Day of School Survey

Read the syllabus with your parents/guardians. The last page should be completed and returned on Friday.