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WEEK OF MAY 27, 2013

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Read chapters 10, 11 and 12 by Wednesday, May 29th.
Also, students should write an ending for Journey to Jo'burg. The ending should be realistic (i.e. no space aliens or zombies coming out of no where) but you may incorporate new characters and create a new twist in the story. This new ending should be 1 page long and is due on Thursday, May 30th

Wednesday: Read 13, 14 and 15 in Journey to Jo'burg. Continue working on your creative ending.

Thursday: Alternate endings are due.Homework: Student were given a partial map of the trip that the Naledi and Tiro made to Jo'burg and back. Please complete this map, and create a summary of their journey in pictures. They should have between 10 and 15 small pencil sketches that summarize main events that occurred on their journey.

Friday: Research Nelson Mandela

WEEK OF MAY 20, 2013

Monday: Students should write a one paragraph response to the following question: What is Apartheid?

Tuesday: Read Chapter 1 and 2 of Journey to Jo'burg. Look for specific examples of segregation.

Wednesday: Read Chapter 3+4 and look for examples of Apartheid

Thursday: Read Chapters 5+6 and find two examples of Apartheid

Friday: Read Chapters 7, 8, and 9. Continue filling out Apartheid chart.

WEEK OF MAY 13, 2013

Monday: Project Guidelines and options were handed out today. By tomorrow, students need to pick the question they want to answer and tell me who they are are working with (optional) and how they will present the information.

Tuesday: work on project

Wednesday: work on project

Thursday: Read the following articles and form an opinion on illegal immigrants and immigration.
Friday: Socratic Seminar on Immigration

WEEK OF MAY 6, 2013

Monday: Read "Los Aguacates-Avocados" (pages 179-198) and answer the following questions...

-What were avocados used for in this chapter?
-What is segregation?
-What examples of segregation are mentioned in the book?
-Draw a picture of what the striker's camp looked like (where Marta lived).

Tuesday: Review Dust Bowl Notes.

Wednesday: "Read Los Esparragos-Asparagus" and answer the following questions.

  1. What did the strikers do to scare the workers?
  2. Of all the things that the strikers did to the workers. Which action do you think is the worst or most dangerous/harmful to the workers?
  3. What is Miguel's reaction when his dad says "Don't worry, things will get better."
  4. What is a "sweep?"
  5. Would you have helped Marta when she was hiding in the shed? (why or why not?)
  6. What do you think the pinata at the end of the chapter symbolizes?

Thursday: Read 214-224 "Los Duraznos-Peaches"

Friday: Read 225-253 "Los Duraznos-Peaches and Las Uvas-Grapes" (Finish the Book).

WEEK OF APRIL 29, 2013

Monday: B Period-Read "Las Ciruelas-Plums." Find one example of the Great Depression and how it is affecting people.

Tuesday: RAFT activities in class

Wednesday: RAFT activities in class

Thursday: Quiz on the history around Esperanza Rising (Mexican Revolution, Dust Bowl, Great Depression, etc.)

Friday: Students should Read "Las Papas-Potatoes" and finish the worksheet they started in class on Las Papas. They should also read "Los Aguacates-Avocados"pages 179-198.

Monday: Read "Los Melones-Cantaloupe"
Tuesday: Read "Las Cebollas-Onions" and write a two paragraph summary (F, E, and C period)
Wednesday: "Read Las Almendras-Almonds" and compare and contrast Esperanza Rising to the Red Scarf Girl. (E and F period)

Read "Las Cebollas-Onions" and write a two paragraph summary (B Period)

Thursday: "Read Las Almendras-Almonds" and compare and contrast Esperanza Rising to the Red Scarf Girl. (B and C Period)


WEEK OF APRIL 15, 2013

Monday: Students should complete the map activity. On the world map they should color the country of Mexico (please do not use pen or pencil-colored pencils, markers, or crayons are preferred). On the map of Mexico, students should find and label Mexico City, Aguascalientes, Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

Tuesday: Hand out Esperanza Rising, read the first two chapters "Aguascalientes, Mexico 1924" and "Las Uvas" and fill in 3 character description boxes. Only fill in three boxes not all of them!!! You should have 3 or more bullet points for each character.

Wednesday: Read "Los Papayas" and make a WANTED poster for Tio Marco and Tio Luis

Thursday: Read "Los Higos"

Friday: Wanted posters of Tio Luis and Tio Marco due today. Discussion question for the class: Would you rather be rich and unhappy or poor and happy? HOMEWORK: Students should read "Las Guayabas." Pretend you are Esperanza. Write a letter to Abuelita telling her about the journey to the USA.


Monday: Read the Epilogue 265-272

Tuesday: Write a short summary about what Ji-Li is doing today, where she went to college, where she lived, etc.

Wednesday: Prepare for our discussion about Goals vs Responsibilities. What are goals? What are responsibilities? Are there ever times in which Ji-Li puts her goals in front of her responsibilities? Are there specific times that she puts her responsibilities in front of her goals? Which one is more important?

Thursday: Reflection on our class discussion today.

Friday: Final Quiz on Red Scarf Girl

WEEK OF MARCH 25, 2013

Monday: Finish the STORY MAP on "An Educable Child"

Tuesday: Read 206-217 "Half City Jiangs" and answer the following questions:
  • What is Ji-Li's dad accused of?
  • Which family member turned him in?
  • What did the newspaper report say about the Jiangs?
  • Why does Ji-Li go to the police station?
  • Officer Ma says, "you can't choose your class status or background, but you can choose your future." What do you think Ji Li's life would be like if she changed her name?
  • Ji-Li just wants to change her name, Officer Ma says it is smart that she wants to break with her family. What is the difference and why do you think Ji-Li ran away?
  • Do you think Ji-Li has been "selfish and inconsiderate?"

Wednesday: Continue working on the questions above and reading the chapter "Half City Jiangs." Students should also finish their CHAIN OF EVENTS worksheet if they do not finish in class.

Thursday: Finish reading "RED SCARF GIRL"

Friday: FINISH READING "RED SCARF GIRL" Happy spring break!

WEEK OF MARCH 18, 2013

Monday: Find one piece of evidence from the chapter "Jr. High School at Last" that foreshadows trouble for Ji-Li's father. In other words, find one part from the chapter that shows Ji-Li's father might have some trouble in the very near future?

Tuesday: Read pages 173-183 of "LOCKED UP"

Wednesday: Finish reading "Locked UP" (pages 183-190) Students should finish the "What type of questions am I asking" worksheet. Open book quiz tomorrow from chapters 8-10

Thursday: Students should prepare for the Socratic Seminar tomorrow. Here is a list of questions or comments that might come up. They do NOT need to answer each question.

Friday: Socratic Seminar in class, fill out their socratic seminar reflection sheet if they did not complete it in school.

Also, Read an Educable Child (page 191-205) and create 6 questions total...3 of these questions should come from BOX 1,2, or 3 from your "CUE QUESTIONS SHEET on Blooms taxonomy" and 3 more questions should come from 4,5, or 6.

WEEK OF MARCH 11th, 2013

Monday: Propaganda Posters are due tomorrow

Tuesday: Propaganda Poster is due today. Students should read pages 140-149 of the chapter "FATE" and answer the following question: Teacher Wei was publicly humiliated in front of students and her community daily.
Do you think it is a good way or a good tactic to make people change their ways? Why or Why not?

Wednesday: Read 149-155 (There is no class today, we have a field trip, but you still need to complete the homework for tonight)

Thursday: Ji-Li and An Yi decide to use an old method of Chinese Fortune telling. The fortune that is told at the end of "FATE" (155) says that "some good and some bad" is yet to come. Write a 1 paragraph prediction of what you think will happen to Ji-Li's family and a 1 paragraph prediction of what will happen to An Yi's family.

Friday: Read "Jr. High School at Last" (156-172). Write a two paragraph summary of this chapter.


Monday: No Homework

Tuesday: Brainstorm! Come up with 5 ideas from our book that you could make a Chinese Propaganda poster about. Write this list in complete sentences in your Geography Journal.


Thursday: Hand out Chinese Communist Poster Assignment-This will be Due on Tuesday, March 12th. Short open book Quiz today on pages 52-117

Read 118-126

Friday: Read 126-139. Write a two paragraph summary of pages 118-139 "A Search in Passing"

PROPAGANDA POSTERS:I went out and bought 68 appropriate sized poster boards and different types of paper. Students are free to help themselves to what they need. If they can donate 25 or 50 cents I would greatly appreciate it.


MONDAY: Please Read GRADUATION (pages 72-79) for homework. Add one event to your "Revolution Thermometer"

TUESDAY: The name of the next chapter we are going to read is called "The Sound of Drums and Gongs." Write a one paragraph prediction of what you think this chapter will be about.

WEDNESDAY: Read Pages 80-100. They should finish their "Attack of the Red Guards" comic strip. Students will have time to start this in class and share their ideas.

THURSDAY: As students read the first part of this chapter they should journal about what the RED GUARDS are after. What are they looking for? What are some things Ji-Li's family is trying to hide? What would you do if you were in her situation? Have you ever been placed in situation in which your own personal items were being taken away from you? Explain. (THIS WILL BE AN ACTIVITY IN CLASS)

HOMEWORK: Students should read 100-117 "Propaganda." Students should add any funny propaganda slogans to their "communist slogan chart" that is taped in their notebook. You can also write down any quote about Chairman Mao that made you laugh or smile. KEEP THESE IN MIND! WE ARE CREATING COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA POSTER NEXT WEEK!

FRIDAY: No School, Parent-Teacher conferences by appointment only ( Homework for the weekend is listed under Thursday)



TUESDAY: Students should read Chapter 2 of Red Scarf Girl. Answer the following questions; Why were the people in the city breaking the store's sign?

WEDNESDAY: Add two events to your Revolution Thermometer (Chapter 1 and 2).

THURSDAY: Read the rest of Chapter 3. Students will start reading in class. The chapter is called "Writing Da-Zi-Bao" Pages 38-51

FRIDAY: Read pages 52-61. Please write a one paragraph summary of what happens using the following words: Red Guard, Landlord, and 5 Black Categories. This should be done in your Geography notebook


Monday: Students should hand in their Marco Polo Projects. We will finish our Socratic Seminar review worksheet. We will start our Discovery Atlas Italy video in class

Tuesday: Finish Discovery Atlas video on Italy.

Answer the Following question in their notebook, 2 sentence minimum. What is COMMUNISM? (You make look it up, ask an adult, or use a dictionary.)

Wednesday: After our class discussion, please rewrite what communism is in your own words-1 paragraph


Friday: Socratic Seminar on living in a perfect Marxist/communist society vs Capitalist/Democratic society.

Read the "Prologue" (Page 1 and 2) and The "Liberation Army Dancer" (3-18) of Red Scarf Girl


Monday:Students will ready chapters 8 and 9 in "Who Was Marco Polo?"

Tuesday: Read Chapters 10 and 11

Students will start a summary project on Marco Polo in class. These projects are due on Friday. We will work on them Tuesday and Wednesday in class. (Students can make a children's book about Marco Polo, a Baseball card, a newspaper, flip book, powerpoint, etc.)

Wednesday: Work on their project

Thursday: Prepare for discussion on Friday

#1 Do you see Marco Polo as an important explorer/person? Why or why not?

#2 Marco's friends called him "Marco Millions." Before he died Marco said, "I never told half of what I saw." Do you believe Marco Polo?

#3. Many people did not travel back then. They didn't have the chance to go all the way to "Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, China, and Mongolia." Is it Marco Polo's job to report the truth about his travels? Or is it OK that he made up some stories and told tall tales?

Friday: Socratic Seminar in class. Marco Polo projects are due on MONDAY

Week of Jan 28, 2013

Monday: Read Chapter 4. Students should write their second Journal entry.They should describe the scene and things they saw as they, Marco Polo, finally reach Kublai Khan's palace.

Tuesday:Read Chapter 5...Chapter 4 journal is due tomorrow (Wednesday)

Wednesday: Finish your description of something foreign! Marco Polo encountered a lot of animals and objects that he had never seen before. In his journal he talked about how he found a giant snake that was 15 feet long and four legs with 3 claws each....turned out it was just a crocodile. Take something that you have in your house (electronic item, sports equipment, musical instrument, kitchen tool, etc.) and write a detailed description without actually telling the item you picked until the last sentence of your description!

Thursday:Read Chapters 6 and 7

Friday:Journal how an average Mongol lived

WEEK Of JAN 21, 2013

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Students get their Marco Polo Book-Read INTRODUCTION, CHAPTER 1 and complete their cover page for their journal

Wednesday: Read Chapter 2, add at least two words to your vocabulary sheet

Thursday: Read Chapter 3.

Friday: Journal Entry: 2-3 paragraph journal entry about one of the places Marco Polo goes through in Chapter 3 . Write this as if YOU ARE MARCO POLO. You should include 2 similes and 2 personifications and 1 metaphor if you can!

EX: When I got to Hormuz, I decided it was time that we should maybe travel by land so that we didn't get attacked by any more bandits. My father and I made our way to the port to see what was for sale when we saw the decrepit boats floating in the background we knew that it was going to be safer to take our chances with being attacked by rebels. The boats were held together by coconut husk! I couldn't believe it........


MONDAY: Study for test
TUESDAY: Study for test
WEDNESDAY:Test and return books Boys Without Names
THURSDAY: Find out one interesting fact about Marco Polo
FRIDAY: Long Weekend! ENJOY IT!


Monday: Finish the book Boys Without Names.Write a 3 paragraph summary of how it ended. This will be due on Thursday January 10th. Chapters 24-28. Include the following words in your summary.
-GC and Grandmother
-Barish and bicycle
-Box of Sweets
Tuesday: Discovery Atlas India
Wednesday: Discovery Atlas India
Friday: Quiz on the final chapters of Boys Without Names. Chapters 21-28

Study Guide for India Test will be passed out! Study guide is due on Wednesday.


Monday: Students should read Chapter 21 and 22. They should try and add 2 or 3 literary device examples to their new charts

Tuesday: Read Chapter 22 + 23, continue to add to the literary device chart (2 more)

Wednesday: Read Chapter 23 + 24

Thursday: Field Trip. Read Chapter 24+ and 25

Friday: Campaign against Child Labor posters should be turned in. If you would like you can finish the book over break :)

IN-CLASS ACTIVTY-Creative writing. Please use one of the following pictures to create a story about on of the characters in Boys Without Names. In this story you should try to add in all four of the literary devices we talked about (simile, metaphor, personification, show-don't tell).



Week of DECEMBER 10, 2012

Monday: Read chapter 19-Reader Response-Think about the following questions and write a 1 paragraph reflection. What is the importance of a story? Why are our personal stories important?

Tuesday: prepare for quiz

Wednesday: Quiz on the Boys Without Names on chapters 13-20.

Students will fill out the rest of their "Literary Device Chart." They may use Chapters 1-20 to find Metaphors, Similes, examples of personification, and "show-don't-tell." Students should find 2 examples of each in the book. It is OK if you do not fill out the entire chart.

NO reading tonight.

Thursday: Students will create a ROUGH DRAFT of their "Campaign Against Child Labor Poster." If you misplace the information given in class, it is attached below.

A ROUGH DRAFT should include: a layout of your campaign poster, pictures you want to include, facts and statistics you want to include. We will review them in class and put it together next week Monday!




MONDAY: Read Chapter 13 and answer the following reader response with a minimum of 1 written paragraph:

How Does Scar keep the boys from revolting against him? Please use evidence from the text (Chapter 13) to support your answer.

Tuesday: Read the Chapter 14

Wednesday: Read Chapter 15...Critique the author. Sometimes when I'm reading, I think to myself, "This is really great!" Other times I think, If I were the author I would do this differently." Please write about the things that the author has done well so far as well as the things that she could do better. What would change? Why?

Thursday: Predict the ending of the book. Please write at least one page (1 page) this weekend on how you think the book will end. Please use detail and include the outcomes of the main characters and the fate of the "factory"


WEEK of November 26th, 2012

Monday- Read chapters 4 and 5. Finish the reader response below:

After reading 4 and 5 please take a section from one of these chapters, or both, that relates to your life. How does it relate to your life? How do these chapters relate to you? How has these two chapters made you think about yourself and your life?

Tuesday-Read chapters 6 and 7

Wednesday- Read chapter 8 and complete the reader response

Do you think the author does any foreshadowing in chapter 8 of what life will be like in Mumbai for Gopal's family? Explain yes or no and include evidence from the text.

Thursday- Read Chapter 9 of BOYS WITHOUT NAMES

Friday- Read chapters 10, 11, and 12. Please draw a picture of the "factory/new house" that Gopal is stuck in. Please include a three sentence caption to explain the picture. This new place is described with great detail in chapters 11 and 12.

Bollywood videos viewed in class today:



MONDAY- Read Chapters 1-3 and finish their Cover Page for our INDIA UNIT. If students do not finish reading the chapters for tomorrow it is OK, they should take their time reading and can finish the reading over break.




FRIDAY: No School

NOVEMBER 12, 2012

Monday:Write a card or a letter to a current Service Member that is Afghanistan. We will be sending this letters out on Wednesday afternoon. They will be collected Tuesday in class. Each class will get a visit from someone that has served in the Marine Corp and has completed one tour in Afghanistan.

Start your letter with "Dear Service Member," or "Dear Hero"

Tuesday: Prepare for the Socratic Seminar...

Think about human rights. Think about Parvana's responsibility and the Window Woman. Think about the quote from the book, "What happens in a man's home is his own business."

-Who is responsible for protecting human rights?
-Is it OK for another country to intervene in another country?
-If so, why and when?
-If no, why?

-Should the USA be in the Afghanistan fighting?




Wednesday: Socratic Seminar

Thursday: Study for their Quiz tomorrow!

Friday: Quiz on the end of The Breadwinner, chapters 12-15


MONDAY: In Chapter 10 of The Breadwinner, Parvana takes a new job. You should write a letter to Parvana on how you feel about her new job. Do you think she should do it? Would you do it? Is her job wrong? Please explain to her why or why not it is OK for her to do this. Has she made any other mistakes that made you angry? Do you commend her for all her hard work? . This letter should about a page long, unless you write really small.

TUESDAY: Read Chapter 11

WEDNESDAY: Read Chapter 12. In Chapter 12 there is some disturbing noises coming from the Window Woman's apartment. A man looks at Parvana and says, "What goes on in a man's house is his own business." Do you agree with this man? Why or why not? Please explain. Write a 1 paragraph reflection.

THURSDAY: Read Chapter 13 and complete the following Reader Response.

FRIDAY: Possible quiz today on chapters 11-13.

WEEK OF OCTOBER 29th, 2012

Monday: No School-Hurricane Sandy- Homework is to read Chapter 5 and 6 of THE BREADWINNER. Be prepared for a short quiz on chapters 1-6 on THE BREADWINNER this week when we come back to school!

Tuesday: Continue reading chapter 5 and 6


Thursday: Read chapter 7 and complete the reader response that we started in class (this assignment is almost finished as we completed 2/3's of it in class). Students should read chapter 8 there is no readers response.

We will no longer have our barter and trade day tomorrow. We will do it later this year when we cover Marco Polo.

Friday: QUIZ ON THE BREADWINNER. Read Chapters 9 and 10 this weekend.

WeeK of October 22nd, 2012

Monday: Students need to take the following sheet home (below) and have it signed by their guardians. We start Afghanistan tomorrow!

Tuesday: Students should create a cover page for Afghanistan on piece of blank copy paper or construction paper. It can be created by drawing or through your computer. Also please label the Afghanistan map. You should label the following:

  • Afghanistan
  • Capital City Kabul
  • Afghanistan's Neighbors
    Some students finished the map in class already.

Wednesday: Read Chapter 1

Thursday: Read Chapter 2 and complete the "reader response" in their journal. The reader response is for kids to draw a picture/scene from chapter 2 and write a 3 sentence caption of what you drew and why you drew it.

Friday: Read Chapter 3 and 4 of THE BREADWINNER and complete the following "reader response."
Label the next clean page in your notebook, CHAPTER 3 & 4 Reader Response.
Directions: Sometimes what I read makes me think about my own life. I can write about an event or a character in a book that reminds me of my life. I need to tell what is in the book and what it reminds me of in my life.



Monday: Write down 10 things that would make you revolt against the United States Government like the people of Egypt did. This should be done in your journal/notebook.

Tuesday: No Homework

Wednesday: Practice your Arabic! :)

Thursday: Label and create a physical map of the Middle East. This includes North Africa.

Friday: No Homework



TUESDAY: Students should finish their Socratic Seminar Pre and Post writing activity.

WEDNESDAY: Study for their quiz on Islam

THURSDAY: Study for quiz

FRIDAY: Quiz on Islam

Who is "President" Hosni Mubarak? Please write a one paragraph response about who Mubarak is in your geography journal.


MONDAY: Students will define ALL of their new vocabulary words that should be taped into their notebook. They have been assigned one word in class that they need to make a word wall for as well.

TUESDAY: Study Vocabulary

WEDNESDAY: Study vocabulary and review our classwork handout on Islam.

THURSDAY: Students will write a 1 paragraph resonse (4-5 sentences) on "Why some Muslim women wear a hijab?" Students may the use the handouts that they received in class.

The last two pages are the most helpful.

FRIDAY: Write five arguments for or against banning Muslim head ware. Below is a PDF file of both sides of the argument that we borrowed from a school in England.


MONDAY: Study for their quiz on Thursday
TUESDAY: Study for their Quiz on Thursday
THURSDAY: Quiz-THERE WILL BE A MAP OF EGYPT ON THE QUIZ TODAY...know where Egypt is in the world and be able to draw and label the Nile River, the Nile Delta and the Fertile Nile Valley.


MONDAY: Students will read the article "The Egyptian Pyramids" and answer all three questions at the end using complete sentences and details from the text.

Here is the handout we looked at in class on Grave Goods and Pyramids.

Tuesday: Please read Chapter IV (4) "I've Got It, I've Got It!" from the book the Rosetta Stone Riddle. They should TRY and underline important people, places and things like ROSETTA STONE! They can circle words they do not know. Write comments in the margin. We will continue to work on this in class.

Wednesday: Continue to read Chapter IV (4) "I've Got It, I've Got It!" from the book the Rosetta Stone Riddle. They should TRY and underline important people, places and things like ROSETTA STONE! They can circle words they do not know. Write comments in the margin. We will continue to work on this in class.

Thursday: Students should write a 3-4 sentence response in their notebook (not their timeline) about the following question. WHO WAS CLEOPATRA?

Add Cleopatra to our TIMELINE. Three sentences and a picture.

Here are the readings we did on class about Daily Life in Ancient Egypt. (We will be going over this Monday :))

Here is the study Guide for our Quiz next TUESDAY

WEEK of September 10, 2012

Monday: Students will read a handout on King Ramses the II and add this event on their Ancient Egypt timeline and include a picture. They should write at least 3 sentences about King Ramses II. Their Timelines are already taped in their notebook.

Tuesday: (optional) Students may create/finish their cover page for their graphic organizer on King Tutankhamen.

Wednesday: Students will add King Tutankhamen to their timeline. They should write at least 3 sentences about King Tut (who he was, what he did, how he died, and things they found in his tomb) and include a picture to represent King Tut.

Students will read the following hand out on Mummies and how they were made (see attachment). In their journal/notebook they should number and write the steps of how a rich/important person was mummified.

Step 1. The mummy was washed with palm oil and water from the Nile River.
Step 2. A cut was made on the body and the organs were pulled out.
Step 3. ........

Play the mummification game through the following website if you have time.

Friday: Play mummification game above if you have not played. Also, check out this Egyptian Pyramid game on how the Pyramids were built!


Week of September 3, 2012

MONDAY: No school
TUESDAY: Create an Egypt cover page for our new unit on THE EGYPT GAME. Students may hand draw this or create one on a computer. This should be taped, glued, or stapled into your notebook. It will be checked Wednesday morning.

1. Students have to define all of the words on the vocabulary list. The list should be taped in their journal and the definitions should be written next to each word.

2. Students need to pick one word from the vocabulary list and create a WORD WALL. You will write the word on a sheet of paper in a creative and unique way that demonstrates your understanding of the word.

Example: If I pick the word "PYRAMID" I would write Pyramid in big block letters and draw the Great Pyramids of Giza in the background.


Week of August 27th

MONDAY: Get a yellow notebook and yellow folder
TUESDAY: Finish labeling the world map in your notebook
WEDNESDAY: Take syllabus home and go over it with your parents. Bring it back signed by Friday.

THURSDAY: Continue working on Pangaea if you did not complete it in class. Students are to take the outlines of the continent and try to create the super continent of Pangaea that once existed. Maps and Continents will be given in class.
FRIDAY: Syllabus needs to be turned in. Pangaea will also be checked in!